Registration for Fall 2022

Welcome to our Fall 2022 Lifelong Learning classes!

We are evaluating our offerings and overall program this fall. You will have an opportunity to complete a survey in the upcoming months giving us your feedback on our current program and on possible modifications and additions.

Your fellow Rappahannockans are teaching these classes during the Fall 2022 semester:
Class Title Name of Instructor
A History of Russia and the Ukraine: Origins of Today’s Conflict Fred Catlin
Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the Future of Money Rich Spillenkothen
Current Political Issues Brooks/Regnery
Intermediate Fly Fishing Roger Flinchum
iPhone Basics Reinboldt/Keyser
Screenwriting Michael McLeod
Solar Storms and Space Weather Art Poland
The Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin, and the Iroquois—How the Iroquois Confederacy Helped Birth a Constitution Jill Duvall
The Tempest Kathleen Grove
Writing Fiction Michael McLeod

Start and end dates will vary depending upon the number of sessions. You can see the full class descriptions once registration begins. Classes generally cost $24.99 each and run for one to nine weeks in length. You can register online or else print out the registration form and mail it in with a check or your credit card information.