Rappahannock Center for Education welcomes you to our fall lifelong learning offerings.

We are pleased that six of our spring instructors have agreed to offer their classes this fall—five by Zoom and one in person.

If you enrolled in one of these classes last spring, we have already contacted you.  We are now opening enrollment in these classes to the general public.  (By the way, we continue to carry the class lists of the other spring classes that were postponed and look forward to activating these classes in spring 2021.)

This fall’s classes are scheduled for late September, October, and early November, when we will likely all be hunkering down during the chilly, short days of autumn.

We are grateful to our instructors who are willing to engage in this virtual schoolhouse.  We will have shared experiences with the nation’s schoolchildren and university students.

Enrollment opens Sunday, September 13, at 9 a.m.

Fall 2020 brings new and interesting RappCE courses online via Zoom. Courses fill up quickly, so check out the list below and register online. Registration closes on a staggered basis prior to each class’s first day. Classes are taught by volunteer instructors and are avocational, fun and interesting.

Start and end dates will vary depending upon the number of sessions. You can see the full class descriptions once registration begins. Classes are one to nine sessions in length, and cost between $15 and $60.  You can register online or else print out the registration form and mail it in with a check or your credit card information.

SPECIAL NOTE:  enrollment is limited, early registration is recommended as classes may fill up quickly.

Take a Class!
Your fellow Rappahannockans are teaching these classes during the Fall 2020 semester:

Class Title Name of Instructor
Chaos and Promise in the Middle East:
The Beirut Bombing and the Israel/UAE Peace Agreement     NEW
Tim Nolan
Cosmic Mysteries     NEW
Jill Duvall
CPR and AED    NEW (offered in person)
Robyn Murray
Forecasting the Weather for the Next Few Minutes to the Coming Decades    NEW
Bob Ryan
Go Viral (A Doctor’s Take on Viruses)    NEW Hugh Hill MD.
Google Hacks to Grow Your Business    NEW Yvonne Herbst


Board of Directors: Matthew Black, Brandi Day, Kathy Grove, Debbie Keyser, Gardiner Lapham, Mary Frances LeMat, John Lesinski, Rick Lessard, Doug Schiffman, Suzanne Schiffman, Ken Thompson RappCE is an IRS-approved 501c3 non-profit organization committed to lifelong learning and workforce training in Rappahannock County, Virginia.

Rapp Center for Education is Certified by SCHEV to Operate a Vocational Postsecondary Institution.