Lifelong Learning

Exciting Spring Courses Coming Soon!

Registration opens Monday, March 6, at 9 a.m.

RappCE Lifelong Learning offers a wide-ranging selection of non-credit, just-for-fun classes taught by volunteer instructors. Held during Spring and Fall semesters, these classes generally cost $24.99 each and run for one to nine weeks in length.  These courses are taught for avocational purposes only.

Classes are held at the RappCE facility located at 12018 Lee Highway in Sperryville (the Sperryville Schoolhouse)
as well as other sites spread throughout Rappahannock County.

If you are interested in teaching a RappU course,
please fill out the attached form and email it to

Here's a list of our upcoming classes:

A History of Russia and the Ukraine: Origins of Today’s Conflicts
A Short History of Rappahannock County  NEW
As You Like It: Discussion and Performance  NEW
Beginning Microsoft Excel
Birding for Beginners
Crypto Since the Fall NEW
Current Political Issues
Great Historical Miscalculations of the 20th Century NEW
Learn to Make Pasta NEW
Making Hay in Rappahannock County
Money from Thin Air: The Role
and Power of the Federal Reserve NEW
Rappahannock County and the Civil War
Sauce Workshop NEW
Save Money and the Environment with CSWCD NEW
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict NEW
The Road to Remarkable: Rappahannock Public Schools NEW
Vegetable gardening: Planning, Planting, Harvesting, & Trouble-Shooting NEW
What It’s Really Like to Run a Business: Ten Myths NEW
What to Do Until Help Arrives NEW
What’s the Truth about Our National Debt? NEW
Writing Stories, True Though Not Accurate NEW